Girl/Boys Teams

For gymnasts who have mastered basic gymnastics skills. This program is for the serious student who enjoys gymnastic and the desire to work hard. The team program requires a dedicated student and a supportive parent network at home. Participants attend 2 or more session per week.Children are asked to join the team program on the bases of many factor: Ability (what we think she will be able to do), Skill achievement (what she can do now), Ability to concentrate (can she pay attention and follow directions), Age ( is she old enough to hand longer and more frequent practices), Interest and desire (does she love it, is she “into it”, does she want “more”), is she ready for the atmosphere of the team practices?  The coaches talk about a child’s “coachability”-a combination of attitude and effort.


To promote self-esteem, teamwork, organizational skills, self-expression and personal growth as gymnast, citizens and life-long learners

Team Goals

  • to improve form, strength and flexibility
  • to develop consistency, structure and discipline
  • to develop a positive attitude for responsibility
  • to encourage independence and self motivation
  • to develop values such as perseverance and sportsmanship
  • to provide a successful learning experience where children grow with praise and constructive criticism

to inspire the dedication to reach a goal

Women Team Prerequisite

  • Girls enter the team program through the All-Stars, or Prep-Team programs.
  • Selection are made based on age,ability and the desire to increase their gymnastics potential.

Developmental, Pre-Team

This program is used to track the student with ability, for the competitive program.This program offers children who are physically capable and have a strong interest in gymnastics the opportunity for mastering basic skills. We emphasize correct technique and form. The program is vigorous but gentle, striving to push participants to their fullest capacity for growth

( By invitation only)

USA Women Gymnastic Levels


Optional Levels: Level 10  ( Advance Optional ),Level 9 ( Intermediate Optional ), Level 8 ( Beginner Optional ), Level 7  ( Modified Optional )

Compulsory Levels: Level 6 ( Advanced Compulsory ), Level 5  ( Intermediate Compulsory ), Level 4 ( Beginner Compulsory )